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**Please read all instructions thoroughly**

Throughout the course, the students will be reading Richard Foster’s Celebration of Discipline. This book outlines 12 different spiritual disciplines, or practices, such as prayer and meditation, that foster spiritual growth. As they read the book, the students will attempt to participate in at least 8 of these spiritual disciplines. In week 7, the students will submit a 3-5 page paper in which they describe their experience with these disciplines. The paper will consist of 8 sections, one for eachof the disciplines the students participated in (1-2 paragraphs each). Each section will a.) describe what the discipline is (according to Foster) and b.) reflect on the students’ own experience in practicing the discipline.

This is a 3-5 page APA style REFLECTION paper on the book Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster. *Pictures of the text are in included for reference*


-It must include 8 different sections (for 8 different disciplines) outlining your definition and observation of each discipline throughout the last couple of weeks practicing these 8 chosen spiritual Christian disciplines.

-Discuss how you have been practicing each discipline (one spiritual discipline a week) and define how Richard Foster (the author) defines the chosen disciplines. *Use pictures of book attached below*


Paper details:


-1-2 paragraphs on how Foster (the author) defines each discipline (8 total)

-1-2 paragraphs that describe or reflect on yourown experience practicing EACH spiritual discipline. Discuss how it went practicing each specific discipline in your own life.

-ONLY reference the book, Celebration of Discipline, and the NKJV Christian Bible if needed (no other outside sources will be used)



Spiritual Disciplines to discuss include:

The Inward Disciplines

· Meditation

· Prayer

The Outward Disciplines

· Simplicity

· Submission

The Corporate Disciplines

· Confession

· Worship

· Guidance

· Celebration

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