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ACCT601 MSAC Capstone

Week 3 Term Paper  


The Term Paper is an opportunity for you to conduct research and explore in depth an issue pertinent to the role of an accountant in your chosen area of interest. The objective of the Term Paper is to research, evaluate, and propose practical applications of the concepts you learned from many courses and from your chosen area of interest in your MSAC degree program. Accordingly, you will be able to choose a topic from any of the following broad areas.

Financial accounting and reporting

Governmental accounting and reporting

Nonprofit accounting and reporting

Managerial accounting





Other topic from a course that you took in your MSAC program

Although the topic areas are fairly open-ended, it is expected that your paper will document theoretical underpinnings as well as practical implications. Suppose, for example, your interest is in auditing for fraud. An ideal paper would include not only a discussion of why fraud occurs but also recommendations for a business or other entity to guard against fraud. Hence, a deeper discussion of internal control procedures and the role of internal and external auditors would be appropriate. In effect, both the why and how of implementing relevant tools, technologies, process, procedures, and policies would need to be addressed.


APA format and citations are required. All DeVry University policies are in effect, including the plagiarism policy. Any questions about this paper may be discussed in the Course Q and A Forum discussion topic. Please note that no late submissions will be accepted for the Final Term Paper or Oral Presentation in Weeks 7 and 8, respectively.

Assignments and Milestones

The work you complete through your research in this course will culminate in a Final Term Paper in APA format along with an Oral Presentation explaining the key aspects of this Term Paper. The Final Term Paper is due in Week 7 and the related Oral Presentation will be presented by you in Week 8. Because the research and writing of the paper is a course-long effort, a number of weekly submissions are required to incrementally complete the multiple sections of the Term Paper. For additional guidance, please download and refer to the Term Paper Grading Rubrics and Term Paper Template documents available in Course Documents located under Introduction & Resources for this course.


Week 3 Term Paper Submission

Complete the problem statement for your research effort. You should refine and thoroughly discuss the topic problem for your Term Paper and submit this documentation no later than midnight Sunday at the end of Week 3.

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