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W5 DQ ANP 650


Josepha H. is an 85-year-old woman who has mild Alzheimer’s Disease. She lives alone in an apartment associated with a senior-assisted living center. She eats dinner each evening with her friends in the large dining hall, and during the day cooks her own meals and attends to her Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) quite independently. Today, Josepha’s neighbor called the nurse practitioner to report that Josepha has been having wild ideas, hallucinations, and has only been picking at her meals. She has missed dinner two nights in a row. Josepha has confided that she is convinced that the assisted living center is trying to poison her. How would you handle this situation? What are your priorities? Discuss key education components.



A patient presents with acute onset right-sided weakness and tingling, upper extremity greater than lower extremity, for the past 36 hours. He states he has history of transient ischemic attacks (TIAs), which is why he made an appointment with you instead of going to the ER. Discuss the difference between TIAs and strokes, including the pathophysiology behind both a TIA and a stroke. Based on your understanding of a TIA, you suspect this patient actually had a stroke. What is the key element of the history of present illness (HPI) that leads you to this diagnosis? What would you expect to find on exam if the patient did have a stroke? How would you proceed with the management of this patient?

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