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ECE343 Week 5 Assignment The Early Learning Academy (Ashford)

Early Childhood Learning Environment Plan [CLOs: 1, 2, 3 & 4]. Due by Day 7. For the Final Project, you will create an effective learning environment for either infants or for toddlers. 

Write an eight- to ten-page paper that includes each of the elements below: 

Create a mission statement that illustrates your basic philosophy of working with young children. As part 

 of your mission statement you should:

  • Explain your vision for your learning environment and identify whether you are planning for an

    infant or a toddler environment.

  • Describe what you feel the teacher’s role should be in the classroom based on your Week Three

    assignment, “Teacher/Caregiver Roles in Brain Development.” For examples of current mission

    statements, go to “Daycare Mission Statements” and “Early childhood center mission statement.”

Describe learning centers for each of the following developmental domains: cognitive, physical, social,

and emotional. Utilize a separate lesson plan (using the lesson plan template provided in the online classroom) for each learning center, ensuring each section of the template is completed. Please specify the age of the children that your lesson plan is intended for. Also, include adaptations that would be made for children with special needs or developmental delays.

c. Discuss whether your classroom would have primary caregivers and/or continuity of care (looping) and give a rationale for your choice. 

  1. Describe modifications would make in your learning center for children with special needs (lesson plans, room layout etc.). 

  2. Explain your vision for each learning center of your environment. What are some activities children will be engaged in? In what ways are you incorporating all developmental domains (physical, cognitive, social, etc.)? How are you incorporating most of the design considerations from figure 6.1 in your text? 

  3. Discuss how you will meet your local health district health and safety standards in this learning environment (covered in Chapter 4). Include information on hand washing, cleaning, sanitizing, and safety precautions. 

  4. Explain the ways in which you will accommodate parents in this learning environment. How will you create spaces that invite and welcome families into your environment? How will you help families feel comfortable leaving their children in your care? How will you communicate with parents? 

  5. Describe how you as the teacher would create positive working relationships with the other adults in your learning environment (e.g. occupational therapists, parent volunteers, teaching assistants, etc.).

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