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CMP160 English Composition I

Module 1 Assignment

Remember to submit your work following the file naming convention FirstInitial.LastName_M01.docx. For example, J.Smith_M01.docx. Remember that it is not necessary to manually type in the file extension; it will automatically append.

Start by reading and following these instructions:

1. Quickly skim the questions or assignment below and the assignment rubric to help you focus.

2. Read the required chapter(s) of the textbook and any additional recommended resources. Some answers may require you to do additional research on the Internet or in other reference sources. Choose your sources carefully.

3. Consider the discussion and the any insights you gained from it.

4. Create your Assignment submission and be sure to cite your sources, use APA style as required, check your spelling.

5.  Save your assignment in Microsoft Word or Open Office Write.


1.    Create a scratch outline that could serve as a guide if you were to write an essay about your goals for the year ahead. (Approximately 150 words).

2.    Refer to Activity #12 on page 73 of the textbook. Read each of the essay statements and select the ones that can be developed into an essay. Write out the central point and topic sentences for each, and summarize in a few words the supporting material that would fit under each topic sentence. (Approximately 50 words each – 250 words total)

3.    Refer to Activity #15 “Writing a Thesis Statement” on page 75 of the textbook. Write a thesis for each group of supporting statements.   (Approximately 100 words total)

4.    Explain why writing is described as “a process?” Name the steps in the writing process. (500 words)

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