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Note Assignments 1

1?A total of 8 pages are required

The benefits of HC management – A college advertisement (Links to an external site.) Priorities and challenges for health leadership and workforce management globally: a rapid review Carah Alyssa Figueroa (Links to an external site.) ,  Reema Harrison (Links to an external site.) ,  Ashfaq Chauhan (Links to an external site.) , and  Lois Meyer (Links to an external site.) BMC Health Serv Res (Links to an external site.) . 2019; 19: 239. Published online 2019 Apr 24. doi:  10.1186/s12913-019-4080-7 (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) Common competencies for HC managers (Links to an external site.)

 (Links to an external site.) A significantly dated TED talk that ponders what HC mgmt. will be like in 2020.  It would be almost humorous if not for the pandemic!  What a stark contrast of what really happened in 2020. (Links to an external site.) 

Cultural Competence for Healthcare Providers (Links to an external site.) 

Healthcare managers’ decision making: findings of a small scale exploratory study Jackie MacDonald, Peter A. Bath and Andrew Booth Copyright © 2008 SAGE Publications (Los Angeles, London, New Delhi, Singapore and Washington DC) Vol 14(4): 247–258 [1460-4582(200701)14:4; 247–258; DOI: 10.1177/1460458208096554] (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)


The articles and videos for this brief, supplements the book for this assignment.   The first three chapters of the book gives an overview of management in addition to talking about Leadership, Motivation and Organizational Behavior.  Even though this book is fairly new, the Pandemic has significantly changed the way managers manage!    Much of this information can be used for guidance for a HC manager, but there is some other nuances to consider.  One of the videos, although from 2019, look at cultural competence.  This became front page news in 2020.  Provide the answers for the questions below.  

1. What did you think about how HC managers manage before you took this class and now?  Really, do you think it is all about learning the competencies or is there more?  How much more?

2. Cultural competence is essential for managing in any business.  Target HC.  What is the difference between HC and other industries?  Does it matter?  Have we learned (or will we learn) from the re-discovery of systemic racism?  What do we need to do?

3. COVID-19!  What are the challenges that managers face now in the post pandemic world 

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