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BUS505 Organizational Creativity, Discovery and Innovation

Unit 6 Assignment

Individual Team Reflection


In this assignment, you will reflect on your virtual team project experience.


Examine your Virtual Team experience by addressing the following:

•             Evaluate how well your team performed.

•             Identify the communications methods the team used and assess the effectiveness of these methods.

•             Identify and evaluate the conflicts that occurred and assess the conflict resolution methods utilized by the team.

•             Provide three recommendations for improvement of the team process.

•             Submit individual participation levels for each team member by week.

o             Each team member was expected to participate in the team project a minimum of three times per week.

o             Calculate an individual’s level as a percentage based on overall participation in the project.

o             The levels for the entire team per week should add up to 100%.


•             Subimt an APA formatted Word document.

•             Length of no more than 3 pages excluding the title and reference pages.

•             Include at least two resources.

Be sure to read the criteria by which your work will be evaluated before you write and again after you write.


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