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The orientation counselors have regarding their work is based on an awareness of their own personalities, preferences, and values, combined with the counseling theories that most reflect their understanding of members’ ways of thinking and behaving. This orientation influences the way counselors approach and facilitate group work.

At this point in your educational career, you may still be exploring counseling approaches and developing your own theoretical orientation. That is okay and expected. This Assignment is an opportunity to further explore the concepts, goals, therapeutic relationship, and techniques of counseling theories as they are applied to group work. 

To prepare:

  • Review the articles in the Learning Resources and consider the different theoretical approaches to group counseling.
  • Download the Venn Diagram Template from the Learning Resources.
  • Select two theories/approaches to compare for this Assignment. Note that since the Venn diagram example compares REBT and psychoanalytic theories, you should not select those two specific approaches for your comparison.




The Assignment:

  • Use the Venn Diagram Template to compare two theoretical approaches applied to group work.
  • Identify the two theories you selected at the top of the chart.
  • Compare the key concepts and focus (past childhood experiences, thoughts, feelings, relationships), goals, therapeutic relationship, leadership style, and techniques of each theory.
  • Be sure to cite (page numbers) of the information from the text.
  • In the middle of the diagram, list the characteristics that are common to both theories/approaches. This requires you to analyze each theory in depth to discover the nuances which are common to both. 


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