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Discussion 2: Current Events in Health Care Administration Leadership: Characteristics of Leadership

It is increasingly vital that health care administration leaders are aware of the world around them. Through understanding and reflecting on current events in health care administration, leaders may develop solutions to health issues and challenges on a local, regional, or national scale.

For this Discussion, select a current event in the field of health care administration leadership whereby the leader used a systems thinking approach. Reflect on the leadership featured within the event and consider how the leader’s specific characteristics impacted the outcomes of the event. Additionally, think about whether the leader’s use of systems thinking might have affected event outcomes.

Part 1

Post a brief description of the current event you selected. Then, describe the positive and negative characteristics of leadership represented in that event. Finally, explain how the leaders in the event used a systems thinking approach and how systems thinking affected event outcomes. Be specific and provide examples.

Part 2

Continue the Discussion and review, reflect on your postings. Explain any insights you have gained about the relationship between leadership and systems thinking. Then, explain how you might integrate those insights into your role as a current or future health care administration leader.



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