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Ashford ECE 405 Week 1 Discussion Teaching Respect for Cultural Diversity

Teaching Respect for Cultural Diversity. 1st Post Due by Day 3. Early childhood classrooms in the United States are filled with culturally diverse students. As an early childhood educator, you can help prepare this future generation of children to succeed in school. Chapter 1 of the textbook describes different strategies educators can use to support children in their classroom success. 

After reading Chapter 1, create a poster showcasing five strategies that early childhood educators can utilize in the classroom to foster success. The poster should include an explanation of each strategy and how it will enhance your teaching in the classroom. Your strategies should be supported by details that are factual, relevant, and credible. Be as creative as you wish with your poster using pictures and visuals. You may choose to create your poster using Microsoft Word, or a similar program. 

Guided Response: Review the strategies of several peers’ posters. Discuss which strategy you feel would have the most impact on school success and which strategy would have the least impact. Explain your thinking. 

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