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 Create a essay paper about The death penalty should be abolished. Create APA CITATIONS FROM THE RESOURCES THAT YOU FIND AND HOW TO PROPERLY CITE IS BELOW. 



Instructions: *****YOU ARE TO CREATE 5 CITATIONS PROPERLY FORMATTED AS THE INSTRUCTIONS SAY FOR RESEARCH PAPER. AND post the 5 references on a separate paper on the sources that you found regarding the death penalty. FOR YOUR ESSAY REPONSE IN PART TWO.*********READ THIS INSTRUCIONS********** DO NOT PASS THE INTRUCTIONS********

Craft an APA style references citation for each of 5 sources you will use in your Argumentative Research Essay. See this resource (Links to an external site.) on APA style references pages. Note the matter of the hanging indent.

Although you should review the rules for formatting a citation for the References list, it is not necessary for you to compose a citation from scratch. You may use a citation generator that will produce the citation for you after you plug in key information from each source. There are several free generators available. Citation Machine is one option. You can access Citation Machine at this link: (Links to an external site.)

Note: You should carefully read and check any citations created through citation generators.

Due Date

Sunday, December 13th by 11:59 PM

Required Length

5 references citations correctly formatted in APA style.

Required Format

APA format is required. A title page and abstract page are not required. Format your assignment as a references page. See the following resources on APA:

  • A sample student essay in APA style (see the “APA 7 Student Paper) example): (Links to an external site.)
  • Purdue Online Writing Lab’s comprehensive guide to APA style: (Links to an external site.)

Type, save, and upload your essay as a Microsoft word document. Save in a file format that can easily be opened in Word such as DOC, PDF, or RTF. Additional requirements:

  • 12-point Times New Roman font
  • Double-spacing
  • 1-inch margins

Late Work Policy

  • No late work is accepted in our course.
  • “Late” is defined as 1 second past the posted due date and time.
  • If your assignment cannot be easily opened in Microsoft Word, it is considered late. DOC, PDF, and RTF file formats are accepted. Don’t submit assignments in Pages or links to Google Docs.

Insufficient Work Policy

  • A minimum penalty of 10% will be applied for every page under the required page length. A minimum penalty of 10% will be applied in cases where text does not run to the bottom of the page.

Excused Absence Policy

Extensions on late assignments can only be provided in the following specific cases:

  • United States Military assignments
  • Death of an immediate family member
  • Documented personal illness

To request an extensions, email your instructor or send your instructor a message in Canvas as soon as possible before your absence or as soon as possible after your absence with formal verification such as a note from a health center or medical professional. An extension will not be provided without formal verification.

Vacations and power outages are not circumstances that qualify for extensions on assignments. You are responsible for having access to a computer and an internet connection to complete work in our class.


PART TWO*************************

Research Paper Assignment Instruction:  Write about: The death penalty should be abolished and create arguments on why and evidence to support it.


  • Review Logic in Argumentative Writing (Links to an external site.) and Developing Strong Thesis Statements (Links to an external site.). 
  • Read the article titled Argument (Links to an external site.).

Argumentative Research Essay Assignment:    

This essay must be written in the argumentative mode, and you will incorporate research into it. The primary purpose of this argumentative essay is to convince readers to think the way you do about a subject.  To accomplish this goal, you must establish a reasonable and thoughtful argument supporting a position on an issue.

Your essay should:

  • be formatted in APA style, including a title page, page numbers, and a references page
  • contain in-Text Citations in APA style.
  • open with an introduction which includes your thesis statement (the last sentence of your intro paragraph)
  • contain body paragraphs that state your reasons with supporting evidence to prove your thesis statement
  • acknowledge the opposing view, but explain why your position is the correct one
  • contain a conclusion that synthesizes rather than summarizes your main points
  • contain at minimum 5 scholarly, peer-reviewed sources published within the last 5 years

*** An abstract page is optional. ***

You are responsible for choosing your own topic for this assignment. Consider writing about an issue you are passionate about – ideally one in your career field. 

Support your position with evidence. The following are different ways to support your argument:

  • Facts – a powerful means of convincing
  • Statistics – Be sure your statistics come from responsible sources. Always cite your sources.
  • Quotations – Direct quotations from leading experts effectively support your position.
  • Examples – Examples enhance your meaning and make your ideas concrete. They are the proof that backs up your point.

OWL Purdue hosts excellent resources on the web for finding and evaluating sources such as this: (Links to an external site.)

Do not:

  • write an essay for or against a particular political candidate. Focus on an issue or issues instead.
  • insult or alienate your readership
  • cite Wikipedia.
  • cite WebMD
  • rely heavily on popular magazines and newspapers.
  • cite blogs or personal websites
  • cite conspiracy theorists

Write with maturity and thoughtfulness knowing that your essay will be read by the general audience of college-level adults in our class. Consider and acknowledge counterarguments. Don’t deliver a partisan rant or regurgitate the talking points of an elected official or cable TV news host. Though our class respects all faiths and lack thereof, please avoid exclusively faith-based argument. If your argument involves religion, cite scholarly, peer-reviewed theologians.


 8 full pages not including your title and references pages. “1 full page” refers to a full page of 12-point Times New Roman double-spaced font that runs to the bottom of the page. 1-inch margins. No excessive spaces to pad length. 

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