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Environmental Analysis

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  1. Describe the distribution of air sampling sites and the measurement methods used.

Using the map or table, identify the site nearest to you that is not discontinued. In the table, click on the code for that site.

2. What is the site’s elevation in meters above sea level (masl)? 

3. What sampling methods are used at the site?

“Data visualization” allows you to plot the data from your site. Using default settings, opt for a time series plot to graph values of the “carbon cycle gas” carbon dioxide (CO2 ) for all available data (be sure to hit “Submit”). If no plot is generated, choose a different data type or measurement site.

4. What is the plotted time span?

5. What is the range of variation of CO2 (shown by the circle symbols)?

6. Describe the data—how does CO2 vary over time?

7. Is a seasonal cycle visible in the multiyear graph? Explain.

Select a second active measurement site in a distant location.

8. Repeat Activities 2 through 7, and describe any significant differences in the graphs you obtained for the two locations.


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