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Module 1 Discussion

The Power of Telling Your Own Story

The combined experience of all of us in this classroom is staggering. Between us, we have decades (maybe centuries!) of experience in various career fields, higher education, community and civic engagement, raising families, military service, and much more. Successes, failures, and everything in between—these experiences make us who we are. In fact, your prior experience is your greatest asset as a learner. To set the stage for our academic and career futures, then, we must first recognize and appreciate our own past. Begin by viewing Dominic Colenso’s TEDx talk “The Power of Telling Your Own Story” (11:47 mins), below.

Colenso, D. (2017). The power of telling your story (Links to an external site.). Tedx Talks via Youtube. [Video: 11:47 minutes]. Transcripts.

Discussion Instructions

Before getting started, please take a moment to add an image to your Canvas Profile so we can get to know one another.

Initial Post: By Thursday of Module 1, create an initial post that addresses each bullet point below:         

?             What aspects of Colenso’s talk resonated with you? Do you agree with him about the value of sharing more of our stories with one another? 

?             Then, reveal a bit about your past and how it relates to your present in the style Colenso suggests. For example, how did you get here? What prior knowledge, credit-taking, military, career, or real-world experience do you bring with you today? How did your family and other loved ones impact your story?

?             Give a glimpse into your future: What do you plan to do next in your degree path and career? How do you think acknowledging and leveraging your story can help you succeed in those goals?

You will not be able to see posts written by your classmates until you create your initial post.


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