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– Write a two pages report on short-term climate extreme in United States

Group project

It’s 2040, and your job is to write the news forecast! With your group, you’ll make a video news report from the future about a particular country including information about weather, impacts from climate change, and greenhouse gas emissions and their sources.

Each segment of the report should fit into 1 minute of video (be concise!), and should be accompanied by a 2 page writeup explaining your data & projections. This means each person should submit their own 2 page report.

4 people per group (all working on the same country, focusing on different stories). You should choose your own countries but your choice should be approved by me. There is a discussion board post showing all the countries that have been chosen so far (choose one not on the list).

I suggest arranging each team as follows:

1. Group leader – who decides the scope of global climate change in 2040, and how much the world has done to mitigate. Also facilitates communication among group members, arranges transitions, and edits videos together.

2. Short-term climate extreme – creates a story/report about something like a heat wave, drought, or hurricane.

3. Long-term climate impact – creates a story/report about something like agriculture, or sea level rise.

4. Emissions sources – describes greenhouse gas emissions by sector in the country in the past, 2020, and a forecast of 2040.


Picked country: United States

Role: short-term climate extreme

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