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Health Profession Disciplinary 

Submit your Mini-Write Up paper for this discipline . For each of the disciplines, you will write a brief summary of the main concepts, competencies, and assumptions associated with that discipline. You can choose one specific sub-discipline  from the different disciplines that we have studied in this module to focus your response – make sure to clearly state the name of the discipline that you are writing about. 


You will also reflect and write about your belief (from your “This I Believe” ( I Believe in change)  Introduction) from the viewpoint of the discipline. For example, you might consider the degree to which the concepts of this discipline match your own thinking. Are the concepts drastically different from your thoughts, and if so, how is it different? Does what you have learned about this discipline challenge or affirm your belief in any way? You should also think critically about any assumptions, errors, or bias that might relate to this discipline. Plan to use instructor feedback on this assignment in writing your final “This I Believe” paper. 

Required Elements:

  1. Describe the essential concepts (understandings) and competencies (skills) relevant to the specific academic discipline in  at least 4-6 sentences. 
  2. Answer the following questions in at least 4-6 sentences:
    • How would a scholar from this discipline view your Belief? What stance might they take? Why?
    • Does the viewpoint from this discipline align or contradict with your viewpoint(s)? Why or why not?
    • What, if any, assumptions and biases can you identify within this discipline? In what ways has this discipline made you think about the potential for biases in your own assumptions or ideology?
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