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Insanity Defense Cases:

There are many famous cases of murderers who have used the insanity plea while on trial. For some, the plea of insanity was successful, while for others, it was not.

Select the case of a famous individual(s), such as Andrea Yates, John Hinckley Jr., Lorena Bobbitt, Jeffrey Dahmer, or the Menendez brothers, who committed horrific crimes and attempted an insanity defense. State the facts of the case that led to the differing verdicts of guilty or not guilty by reason of insanity. Include information regarding the insanity plea. How often is the insanity plea attempted and what is the success rate? Should the insanity plea be allowed in the cases of individuals who have committed repeated horrific crimes as a legitimate defense?

Provide factual documentation from at least two peer reviewed sources and include the reference citations within your discussion response using APA format. This assignment must be at least 600 words (not including the Cover page and Reference page) to meet the minimum requirement.

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