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Module 4 Discussion

Bad to the Bone


There are some cultures that feel that a worker will make more money if they are taller. There are other cultures where many men may never find a mate because of their height. We were all short at one point in our lives but what if you never grew to be as tall as you wanted to be?

To begin, please watch the video, Bone Lengthening  (Links to an external site.).

Part A

After watching this video, address the first question based on your thoughts supported by research. Include with your post the research references in APA style format. Post your reply by Tuesday. After posting begin your textbook reading to complete Part B and Part C.

Question #1: What steps would you personally be willing to take, if any, so that you could be just a few inches taller?

Part B

For the second part of the discussion, you will apply what you have learned from the course materials in this module. By Thursday, create and post separately, two well-crafted questions for your classmates to answer. Each question must include at least one paragraph of background information before the questions are asked. You must start each question post with “CLASSMATE QUESTION.” *** Please be sure to research your questions and add references.

Part C

For the last part of the discussion, you will thoroughly respond to two of your classmate’s questions. ***When responding to your classmate’s questions you must start with “CLASSMATE RESPONSE.” *** This will assure that you are given proper credit for all posts.

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