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Question 1 When a retailer is planning for its sales force, it starts with the question, “How many salespeople should we have?” What is the next question they should be asking?

Question 2 Most consumers wouldn’t drive very far to buy a pack of gum since it’s a lost-cost item that is often bought on impulse. Therefore, this product needs to be distributed ________.

Question 3 Some products like vehicles are complicated and expensive, and require the help of a salesperson for a customer to make a purchase decision. These product, therefore, need to be distributed ________.

Question 4 ___________ strategies are incentives a manufacturer offers to its distribution

partners such as dealers, wholesalers, retailers, and the like to sell products to the

end users.

Question 5 Barnes & Noble started as a retailer but then opened warehouses to stock books and later began publishing “classics” with its own imprint. This is an example of which of the following?

Question 6 What is the main goal for users of Facebook?

Question 7 Which of the following includes honesty, trust, and opportunities for two-way dialogue?

Question 8 Which of the following is the percent of sessions for which a visitor lands on the website and views only one page before quickly leaving?

Question 9 The easiest and most common way to characterize ________ in a social network is to count the number of connections each actor has with the others in the network.

Question 10 Services, like car maintenance, are said to be __________, which means there is no such thing as storing inventory or excess capacity.

Question 11 Which of the following is NOT true about the price-sensitive segment?

Question 12 Which of the following is true about competitive pricing?

Question 13 If demand bounces around when prices change, it’s _______.

Question 14 ________ is greater when the item is a luxury good rather than a necessity, when many substitutes are available, or when the purchase is a relatively big one.

Question 15 AIDA represents attention, interest, desire and _______.

Question 16 In a(n) ______, the featured brand name is mentioned, as is the brand name of a competitor.

Question 17 Saffire Clothing’s ads claim that the brand is an exclusive, premium brand. Saffire’s products need to be _______, priced relatively high, and distributed relatively exclusively.

Question 18 When a business looks for their ads to have a holistic nature that is consistent across all media choices, they are using _______.

Question 19 If a company spends a considerable amount of money on an ad, and it wants to measure how well consumers remembered the ad, it should run what type of test?

Question 20 ________ is defined as the trade-off of the quality of the purchase received compared with the price paid and other costs incurred.

Question 21 The comparative evaluation process is thought to operate in which of the following types of purchases?

Question 22 Macy’s uses the RFM matrix to determine its most valuable customers. Recency is weighted at a 3, frequency is weighted at a 9, and monetary is valued at a 7. Customer A has a score of R=1, F=5, M=6. What is Customer A’s RFM score?

Question 23 Comparing a purchase to expectations occurs when the item purchased is comprised primarily of ________ characteristics.

Question 24 As we consider the 4Ps as they relate to our marketing plan, we should remember that _________ is the easiest one to change.

Question 25 Which of the following is a piece of psychographic information?

Question 26 Marketing plans are often viewed as ______.

Question 27 If a company segments customers by gender, age, education, and income, then in your marketing plan, you should specify that your company bases its segmentation on __________ factors.

Question 28 Which is NOT one of the 3 steps in the marketing research process?

Question 29 Marketing information should be gathered ______ so the company can be in the know and poised for action.

Question 30 What does ROMI stand for?

Question 31 Typically, a focus group should include ________ customers.

Question 32 National Electronics makes hearing aids. They created one humorous ad, and they made another ad that explained how the device will make the user’s life better. These 2 ads are an example of ____ across media and messages.

Question 33 In marketing, GRP is an acronym for:

Question 34 What time of media schedule has a fairly regular ad exposure?

Question 35 A fairly subtle approach to advertising is _____.

Question 36 _____ is usually used for sports. It can also sometimes be of other cultural or artistic endeavors. It is an effective medium because it’s exciting, and the brands draw from both their positive valence and their high positive energy.

Question 37 What are the two dimensions measured in the General Electric Model?

Question 38 Karen is working on classifying all her company’s products in terms of whether they have strong or weak market share and whether this share is in a slow or growing market. What type of strategic framework is she using?

Question 39 Which of the following is NOT true about a company dashboard?

Question 40 A package delivery company or a cell phone company wouldn’t go far if they could not deliver products smoothly and reliably. This means that ____________ is necessary for these industries.

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