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Mental Health / Community Health Care

Come up with a patient that fits the mental health diagnosis that you choose. Some suggested diagnoses would be depression, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder, adjustment disorder, substance abuse or another psychiatric condition of your choice You are to use the case building template and create your patient from the ground up. Please add a Google picture to help describe your patient. Do not use a personal situation or family member. Be creative and have fun.

1. Subjective Data – (Give us the story. Tell us the background about the person, family, or situation. Be as detailed as you can. What lead up to your contact with them? What is the story as they see it?)

2. Objective Data – What did you assess? Think Biopsychosocial. Use the comprehensive nursing assessment.

3. Analysis – Biological neurological, environmental, psychological theories. What do we know about the illness? What are the contributing factors?

4. Nursing Diagnosis – List all possible and tell us why. Prioritize top or two and tell us why. What does this nursing diagnosis(s) mean to you?

5. Plan/Interventions – What would you expect to see ordered? Tell us the mechanism of action, side-effects, nursing considerations, labs. What non-pharmacological interventions are appropriate?

6. Evaluation – What would you expect to see? Why? What are the possibilities that could prevent or enhance the expected outcome? What would you do if you are not seeing the results that you are wanting to see?

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