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Which of the following states is correct concerning Qi gong?

a.It is a movement therapy.

b.It is one of the several forms of yoga.

c.It originated as a Chinese martial art form.

d.It is a form of energy therapy to balance life energy.

A nurse is discussing various types of stress to a group of adults. Which of the following would be used as an example of eustress?

 a.Joining a cardiac rehabilitation exercise program after a myocardial infarction

 b.Increasing alcohol intake to deal with loss of a job

 c.Avoidance of social activities because of anxiety

 d.Severely limiting food intake as a way to control stress

In contrast to holistic health care, Western or allopathic medicine focuses on the

 a.mind-body connection.

 b.symptoms and disease.

 c.environmental impact on health.

 d.impact of family relationships on health-seeking behaviors.

The nurse is conducting community education about stress. Which of the following statements should be made by the nurse?

a.”Stress always has a negative effect on the body.”

 b.”Long-term stress is useful in helping one to meet goals.”

 c.”Stress always has a positive effect on the body.”

 d.”A moderate amount of short-term stress can make a person more efficient and goal-focused.”

Which of the following statements is correct concerning energy therapy?

 a.All of the above statements are correct.

 b.One of the goals of energy therapy is to reduce blockages.

 c.Seasonal affective disorder has been successfully treated with laser energy.

 d.Body energy is strongly suspected but not yet documented.

A nurse is performing therapeutic touch with a person. Which of the following would be the first action that the nurse would take?

 a.Movement of hands above the body


 c.Treatment technique


A nurse is counseling a person on how to effectively deal with stress. Which of the following actions would the nurse recommend the person take first?

 a.Develop effective coping skills.

 b.Recognize signs of stress.

 c.Take action to reduce stress.

 d.Connect warning signs with stressors.

A nurse is assisting a client in values clarification. Which of the following actions should the nurse assist the client to complete first?

 a.Act in a way that is consistent with one’s beliefs.

 b.Develop a religious affiliation to assist with the process.

 c.Follow values held by one’s mentors as a first step.

 d.Identify what is meaningful in one’s life.


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