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NR602 Primary Care of the Childbearing and Childrearing Family

Week 1 Discussion

Clinical Site Discussion


The purpose of this assignment is to facilitate a dialogue about the student’s practicum rotation with the class.

Activity Learning Outcomes

Through this assignment, the student will:

Discuss the details of his/her practicum site and tentative schedule (CO 6)

Identify his/her feelings about starting the first clinical rotation (CO 6)

Identify potential barriers to successful completion of the clinical requirements (CO 5, 6)


Provide the following information (if more than one list them each separately):

Name of site

Location (city, state) of the practicum location

Type of practice (i.e., IM, Peds, FP)

Are there any age restrictions for patients at this office? (i.e., this office does not see children under the age of 12, etc.)

What is your tentative clinical schedule at the practicum?

Does your preceptor(s) have any other students at the same time?

Discuss your feelings about starting your first practicum rotation (good or bad) and identify at least 3 possible factors which might be barriers to your success in completion of the clinical requirements.


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