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NU643 Advanced Psychopharmacology

Week 5 Discussion

Depression Case Study

Initial Post

Psychiatric Interviews for Teaching: Depression (14:44 minutes)

Psychiatric Interviews for Teaching: Depression Video Transcript

Follow the steps to complete this discussion

Watch the video.

Use the readings and references, complete the worksheet, Case Study Questions (Word).

Please use proper citations and APA format.

Post your responses to the questions to this discussion board.

Reply Posts

Critique the decision making of two of your peers in your response post.

Do you agree/disagree with their medication choice? Why?

Is there anything else you recommend including?

Compare peer’s decision making to yours—what are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

Your response should include evidence of review of the course material through proper citations using APA format.

Please refer to the Grading Rubric for details on how this discussion will be graded. The described expectations meet the passing level of 80%. Students are directed to review the Discussion Grading Rubric for criteria which exceed expectations.


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