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Assignment Details (Supply Chain Management) 300 or more words –  

This DB has 3 Parts.

Lean Manufacturing is a concept where a company tries to eliminate waste from their processes. Lean manufacturing technologies such as Just in Time (JIT) & Kanban are often used by companies to improve their processes. Think of a company you have either worked for, conducted business with, or are otherwise familiar.

1. Pick one of their processes (For example: taking customer orders at McDonalds).  Describe this process and point out any elements of waste.  

2. Describe how you would improve this process to eliminate the waste you identified. 

3. Is it possible to apply JIT and Kanban techniques to this process?



Assignment Details (Employment & Labor Law) 300 or more words –  

Please discuss the following in your main post:

· What is the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)?

· What, if any, limitations exist within the FMLA that could cause an employee NOT to use the Act for an absence from work?

· If applicable, how did recent legislation with regard to same-sex marriage garner attention for the FMLA and its provisions?



Assignment Details (Employment & Labor Law) APA, References (5), In-text Citations) Abstract, Introduction, Conclusion, & Body  

Research recent cases (2015–2017) involving employment discrimination with regard to either sexual orientation or religious discrimination. Once you have identified a case of interest, discuss the following:

· Name the organization involved.

· List the facts of the case.

· Analyze how the case was processed legally.

· Indicate the final outcome/resolution of the case (if there has been a final determination made).  

· Was national legislation changed as a result of the case?

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