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There are far more failures among airline  startups than there are successes. And in the past few decades, the most  notable successes have pursued a low-cost/low-fare model (think  Southwest, Allegiant, Spirit, Frontier, etc.). Virgin America  demonstrated that there is room in the market for an airline that  doesn’t try to beat the competition by offering the lowest price, but by  offering the best service and the most appealing amenities. Virgin  America succeeded by doing these things and by targeting the right  customer, and subsequently was absorbed into the Alaska Airlines network  after being bought in 2016 and the brand name retired in 2017. Review  the brief on Virgin America on page 303 of the text and do a basic  internet search to learn more about the factors behind the Virgin  America brand.  These two links should help get your started in  background information.

Respond to the following questions through a cohesive minimum 500 word answer:

  1. Using the full spectrum of segmentation variables, describe how  Virgin America segmented and targeted the market for airline services.
  2. What did Virgin America doing to create brand equity for its airline.
  3. What brand elements did the organization apply across the various other services it provides?
  4. Write a positioning statement for Virgin America if it were to re-emerge as its own brand.
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