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 Overview: This milestone assignment covers section III of the final project. It is an opportunity to draft this section and get your instructor’s feedback before submitting the final version. For this milestone, you will discuss factors that may affect current and future performance of your chosen company. Prompt: Now that you have evaluated your company’s financial health in Milestone One, you must research and assess the company’s strategic priorities and behavior. You should investigate internal risks and nonmonetary factors that may affect current and future performance and decisions. Specifically, you must address the following critical elements from section III of the final project: III. Success Factors and Risks: Use this section to discuss the factors that may affect current and future performance. Specifically: A. How do the organization’s financial and strategic priorities affect accounting procedures and business decisions? How might that affect business success? For example, is management growth-oriented or efficiency-oriented? What is the organization’s approach to risk and short- versus long-term planning horizons? B. How might the organization better capitalize on nonfinancial factors such as market share, reputation, human resources, physical facilities, or patents? Support your response with relevant research and analysis. C. What are the most significant internal risks to the company’s financial performance? Give evidence to support your response. For example, is the company vulnerable to technological changes or cyberattacks? Loss of high-talent personnel? Productiondisruptions? Rubric Guidelines for Submission: Use the Final Project Template to complete this assignment. Your report should be approximately 3–5 pages (excluding the title page, any spreadsheets and graphs, and the references list). It should be double spaced, with 12-point Times New Roman font and one-inch margins, and use the latest guidelines for APA formatting for references and citations. Include your name, course name, and report topic on the title page. 

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