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This assignment is due today in 10 hours……..if you accept and place bid you will have done in 10 hours……..   Watch movie and answer the follow questions: 

answer the following questions about the documentary: 

Please number your answers; no intro paragraph is necessary. Be sure to address each question thoroughly and use specifics from the film. 

1. Considering the experiences portrayed in the film, what are the major problems in the United States’ health care system? Why hasn’t it been “fixed”?

2. How do you respond to Moore’s (and others’) argument that single-payer health care makes fiscal sense for the U.S.?

3. How do you make sense of the disparity between ordinary people’s lives in this country and in the countries featured in Sicko?

4. Have you or someone you know experienced hardships with the medical care / health system and/or insurance? Was this avoidable? 

5. Do you think our government should be responsible for taking care of the health of working people? Of those who can’t work? Why or why not?

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