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Part 3: Your recommendation if this is a good investment opportunity.

Some factors to consider:

What do you know about the company?

• What are the basic financial ratios (liquidity, profitability, solvency)?

• How do the financial ratios compare with other companies in the same industry?

• What are the key highlights of the company’s financial performance?

• What are the challenges (strengths and weaknesses) facing this industry/company?

• Does the company have a history of solid, steady growth, or the potential to grow?

• Has the company weathered the last recession well?

• How big is the market/demand for the products/services?

• Who are the major competitors and how successful are they?

• Who are the major customers?

• Do the directors and other company officers have a solid track record of success?

• What is their management style?

• How much of the company do the directors and officers own?

• Do you share the same vision and values of the CEO of the company?

• Can the CEO and leadership team execute their vision?


Only use the information based on the 10-k report.

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