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Question 1

True or False: When drafting a grant budget, both revenue and in-kind support should be considered.



Question 3

Which of the following would indicate that an organization may NOT be ready to seek grant funding?



The organization already has a well-articulated mission, purpose, and goal.



The organization does not have a system in place to track expenses



The organization evaluates the success of their programs



The organization would like a grant to support part of a program or service

Question 4

What are the major similarities and differences between private foundations and community or public foundations? How might these differences impact the grant proposal process?

Question 5

True or False: The grant cycle is a short process, often lasting less than 2 weeks.



Question 6

Which of the following components of a grant proposal discusses the nonprofit’s plan for keeping their service going after initial grant funding ends?













Question 7

True or False: A concept paper is typically submitted at the end of a grant cycle, as a form of evaluation.



Question 8

True or False: Corporate Foundations are separate legal entities from their associated corporation.




Question 9

Match the category of support with it’s objective:

         –           A.           B.           C.           D.      


         –           A.           B.           C.           D.      


         –           A.           B.           C.           D.      

Capacity building

         –           A.           B.           C.           D.      













General support or unrestricted income.


Funding for construction, remodeling, or renovation, for example.


Investment in organization’s ability through fundraising expansion, strategic planning, etc.


Temporarily restricted income for projects.





Question 10

True or False: Both foundation and corporate grants require that the applicant identify an area of unmet need.



Question 11

(Short answer) What is the major difference between a block grant and a program grant?

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