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Describe the reason why folk music became so popular on college campuses in the 1960s.  Is there anything occurring that might be similar on today’s college campuses?


~How did Joan Baez and Bob Dylan show their commitment to political and social activism?  




2. Bob Dylan met with members of The Beatles in England, while he was on tour in the mid-1960s.


~Describe the concept of the “British Invasion”

~What other music groups came out of this phenomenon?




3. Describe what is meant by “teen identity” in the 1950s and 60s.


~In your opinion, is this still true today for teenagers?

~Why or why not?





4. List and describe five (5) musical elements or concepts associated with hip-hop culture and rap music.

Originally, rap music was party music…fun with witty lyrics.  Later, other styles such as “gangsta rap” used obscenities, displayed racism, made violent remarks about homosexuality, women, police, and encouraged crime.

Critics felt the lyrics promoted violence, while defenders said it just stated the harsh realities of ghetto life or that lyrics were intended to be humorous.

~Do you think “gangsta rap” is potentially dangerous as a musical style?  Why or why not?




5. Describe the origins, evolution, and development of Musical Theater in the United States, since the 1920s until today.  


~Be sure to mention musical examples and characteristics.






6. Refer to Chapter 63 – Listening Guide 58:

-After listening to Bernstein’s West Side Story (excerpts), identify what best describes its rhythm/meter, texture and expression.


7. How would you describe Experimental music and John Cage’s “prepared piano”?




8. Refer to Chapter 62 – Listening Guide 56:

-After listening to John Cage’s Sonata V, from Sonatas and Interludes, identify what best describes its melody, rhythm/meter, and harmony.



9. List and describe five (5) musical characteristics or concepts associated with Postmodernism in the 20th century.


~Compare and contrast:

Neo-Romanticism and Minimalism




10. Refer to Chapter 67 – Listening Guide 61:

-After listening to Higdon’s blue cathedral (excerpts) identify what best describes its expression, timbre, and performing forces.




~Research three (3) Websites related to any of the topics and/or concepts that you found interesting and that we have covered in Lesson 6.

~For proper credit, provide the URL and then compose a brief description and summary of the information you learn from each Website.


Listening Guide:

~Refer to Listening Guide (LG) numbers:


o LG 56 – Cage: Sonata V, from Sonatas and Interludes


o LG 57 – Crumb: Caballito Negro (“Little Black Horse”)


o LG 58 – Bernstein: West Side Story, excerpts


o LG 59 – Reich: Electric Counterpoint, III


o LG 60 – Glass: Symphony No. 4 (Heroes), I


o LG 61 – Higdon: blue cathedral


o LG 62 – Williams: Imperial March, from The Empire Strikes       Back


o LG 63 – Tavener: A Hymn to the Mother of God


o LG 64 – Adams: Doctor Atomic, “Batter my heart” and “At the sight of this”



~Listen carefully to the compositions above as you pay close attention to these musical elements:

-Melody – Rhythm – Harmony – Texture – Form – Expression

-Performing Forces


~Categorize each of the compositions above into a particular musical genre.

~ Choose three (3) to analyze specifically.

~Critically examine and explain one (1) of the musical elements mentioned above that you find outstanding or representative for each of the three (3) compositions you selected.  

~Compose a full paragraph for each of the three (3) compositions describing your impressions, analysis, thoughts, and ideas. Be sure to use musical terms, vocabulary, and concepts you have learned so far in this class.



~Click-on Videos-Lesson 6.  

• Watch the videos associated with this lesson.

• After you have viewed the videos associated with the lesson, choose three (3) to analyze specifically and explain their significance regarding the topics found in this lesson.  Why did you choose them, and what did you find interesting?  Why and how so?

( the first video is Cat Stevens – “Peace Train”) ( the second video is 

 Oh Happy Day” – The Edwin Hawkins Singers) ( the third video is Aretha Franklin – “Respect”) you can find these two minute videos on YouTube 

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